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I'm Station7 and I have seen several episodes of Fringe and I really liked them. In the beginning I didn't like it, but I changed my mind and liked it. Like people say: Give it a second chance. I'm a Administrator on the Fringe Wiki. I'm a little bit busy at the moment and because of that I'm at episode The Equation. I will probaly after watching Lost, here becoming a more editor. Or you maybe looking for other Wiki's where I am. I'm not gone and I have been thinking about making a template, but I want talking this first with other Sysops.
Fringe intertitle


Seasons finished

Favourite characters

  1. The Observer, why is he observing everyone?
  2. Olivia Dunham, cute and interesting character
  3. Walter Bishop, like the humor of the character


Other things

Articles I have created

See complete list here: Station7


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