Trevor Lee is the son of Olivia Dunham (Alternate Universe) and Lincoln Lee (Prime Universe) in the Alternate and Final Timeline. He is only shown in photographs. Although a scene featuring Trevor and his mother was cut from the episode "Liberty". 

Background Information Edit

After Lincoln Lee and Olivia Dunham settled down in the alternate universe, they later had a son, Trevor.

Trevor is notably a few years younger than Henrietta, his half-sister from the prime universe. Henrietta is 24 years old, while Trevor is in his late teen years.


  • Gresiuk who played Trevor revealed he was in several scenes for the episode Liberty. One of which would take place in a coffee shop. 
  • One of the scenes reveals Lincoln and Olivia's, son. He mentioned some of the dialogue: 'Olivia: "since when do you drink coffee?" Trevor: "Dad said I can"'.
  • Since Trevor is in his late teens, Olivia would have had the child in her late 30s.

Plot-Relevant Questions Edit

  • How did Olivia give birth to Trevor if she learned in the original timeline that she was a carrier for a virus called VPE - a disease that kills the birth mother and child?
    • Did they find a cure for VPE?
    • Did they simply find a surrogate for their child?
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