• I know I wrote about this in Who the heck is Anna Torv, really? but I wasn't sure if anyone would see. Any ideas as to why they might not get along because when you watch early interviews they seem to be fine with each other...(sorry if this seems silly but I am struggling to come to terms with the idea...they are my favourite characters and it's hard to think of the actors as not being on good terms.)

    I somehow found this and it sparked my curiosity. I thought you guys would have some answers/opinions if anyone did:

    Perhaps I shouldn't even care but unfortunately I do. I especially liked the comments about them being secretly in love with each other...(a girl can dream, right?)

    Please be kind with your responses, I am new to this fandom!

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    • Someone wrote this...which one do you think?

      "I think one of the following is true: A) Josh is a complete a-hole B) Anna is a raving b*!?h C) They were madly in love and Anna got a divorce to be with Josh but then he chickened out of leaving Diane and left poor Anna all alone, resulting in their awkward-ever-after relationship D) Though professionally they were extraordinarily compatible, personally, they were completely indifferent to each other but occasionally found each other mildly amusing enough to crack a smile at (completely baffling Fringe fans with their hot/cold routine) OR E) JJ and co. made them sign a legally binding contract promising to run hot and cold throughout the run of the series…you know, just to drive Fringe fans completely bonkers.

      I’m sure it’s one of those… ;)"

      I can't believe that Anna Torv is haughty or that Josh Jackson is a prima donna (as some people seem to have suggested). They both seem nice enough from what I have seen. So which one is it? 

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    • I watched the entire series 4 time, followed their interviews and all their pictures. They did not hate each other. Until the 3rd season He was openly flirting with her and she enjoyed it. Then something happened and I think that Dianne Kruger heppened. If she intervened and Josh still loves her or maybe feels committed because they live together for such a long time, then - that's what happened. Their scenes together all through the series are much more then just acting, the way they look at one another. No one is such a good actor. 

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    • Torv is gay, and Jackson isn't. After awhile it created a rift.

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    • how do Anna is gay?

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    • Just look up some of the very last interviews that they did together on You Tube, to me they don't look like they ever disliked each other! 

      But I also don't think they had some affair or wanted to either! Not to say Josh wasn't interested, because I am sure he was, because he did look like it in the interviews together,lol! But he's a man, and guys will flirt, whether they have a girlfriend or a wife at home! 

      As far as the way they acting in the show, THEY WERE ACTING! They did not look at each other the same way in real life, not even at the start of show, when everyone claims they liked/loved each other! They just looked like they liked each other! 

      I have seen Anna in some other things where she is was supposed to be in love with another character or just turned on by them, and she was really good at making you think she really wanted that person! Male or female! I mean the part in Fringe, where she was in the mind/body of Nick Lane, and she is watching the dancer, she sure looked like she was enjoying what she was seeing and kissing! 

      So does that mean Anna was in love with the actress who played the dancer? Or at least really into her? NO! Sure she might have been, I don't know, but my point is, Anna is really good at coming across like she really likes the person she is supposed to! I've noticed, because I have watched her in more then just Fringe! Like her stuff from Australia, most of which you can find on You Tube! Shows like The Secret Life Of Us and Young Lions, as well as the UK version/original Mistresses, in which she plays a lesbian, convincingly! But does that mean she is a lesbian? I wish, but no, what it means is, she's a good actress! Whether she likes women or not, I think she just knows how to act like she likes anyone!

      Which of course could mean, that she and Josh don't like each other, and was just acting like it in the videos I have seen,lol! 

      But I think if there was any problems at all, it was probably that Josh's girlfriend, is the jealious type, which she does seem like the type! And frankly I think Anna looks a lot better than her, since she is way too skinny!

      But then again, she did make an appearence in the show, where she was in a scene with Anna, of course she was a playing dead at the time, but they still would have had to been around each other between shots!

      So I stand by my original statement, that I don't believe they disliked each other! 

      But on Anna's side here, if Anna was a bitch or something, I don't think she would still be friends with John Noble, Kirk Acevedo and his wife, Jasika Nicole and Rebecca Mader and others! Which I know she is still close to, seeing as some of them have shared photos on Twitter and Instagram with Anna at their homes! And I have seen photos and videos on her hanging out with Rebecca! Also Blair Brown has said they are still in touch! 

      I mean who's to say she and Josh aren't friends and even keep in touch, who to say she hasn't had dinner with him and Diane for that matter! 

      Anna is a very private person, heck Josh isn't exactly right out there telling and showing everything about himself and his life! 

      They are both just humans like us, and not all entertainers like to have their pictures taken where ever they go! Or have ever part of their lives known to strangers! And we are strangers to them! What they do for a living may put them in the public eye, but that does't mean they want their privat life known too! 

      With the way Anna often talks, it's Obvious she see's her career more like just another job, just one where she acts on film to entertain others! But I don't think she see's herself as any different then the rest of us! 

      I mean she's not a party girl, so you aren't going to see her in the tabloids doing something stupid, like so many others! 

      Oh and if Anna was gay, I would like to believe, that, that would have caused a problem between them, because I would hope that Josh wasn't some homophobic asshole! And Anna being gay, would keep her from doing her job, since she has play plenty of straight roles! Actually more straight roles, only one lesbian one, not counting the HBO show Open, she did and that never got picked up by stupid HBO! 

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