Thomas Jerome Newton was the resurrected leader of the mysterious shape-shifters.


Season Two[]

His cryogenically frozen head was stolen by Smith and attached to a body to bring him back to life. William Bell warned Olivia Dunham of his coming and that if she were to fail to stop him, it could endanger her universe and others. ("Momentum Deferred")

He removed parts of Walter Bishop's brain that William Bell had hidden in three other people and connected them to Walter. He forced Walter to tell him how he opened a door to the Alternate Universe. Olivia Dunham manages to stop his escape but is forced to choose between seizing Newton and saving Walter, as he had given Walter a lethal dose of a neurotoxin that will kill him unless he gives Olivia the correct directions. Olivia chooses to save Walter's life, and Newton replies "Now I know how weak you are". ("Grey Matters")

He is responsible for bringing Walternate across to this universe so that he could be reunited with Peter Bishop. ("Northwest Passage")

Season Three[]

After Olivialternate replaced Olivia Dunham in the primary universe, Newton served as her contact to the other side, supplying her with the intel she needed to thwart Fringe Division's plans. He also hires thieves to dig up a piece of the doomsday device. ("The Box")

After Senator James Van Horn dies, he tried to stop the Fringe Division from discovering he was a Shape-shifter. He failed so he sent Ray Duffy to remove his memory disk. After this was completed he killed Duffy and was captured by the Division. Newton committed suicide after Olivialternate had given him a chip to swallow, causing his body to shut down and die. ("Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?")


  • "Thomas Jerome Newton" is the name of the character David Bowie played in the movie The Man Who Fell to Earth.
  • He is the only main antagonist not seen in the alternate timeline. Though as the shapeshifters are acknowledged, it can be assumed he was still created and his fate was the same as in the original timeline.