"The Artist" is the FBI codename of a serial killer who resided in Boston. The FBI first heard of the existence of "The Artist" sometime in 2006. His victims were often women; he lured them into his trap, such as pretending he was handicapped to get assistance, and then kill them, at which point he would alter the victim's appearance. He would later display his "work" somewhere in a public place in Boston. "The Artist" would fax the FBI, notifying that he will display another victim beforehand, but won't elaborate where and when. Olivia Dunham and Charlie Francis worked the case, but before they can get a lead in the case, he stopped killing. 

Three years later, in winter 2009, he returned to his spree. At the time, Fringe Division found a mysterious young boy in what was basically an underground sarcophagus, with a lack of light and oxygen. The boy was able to give Dunham clues that would eventually lead them to the killer (the name of the street he killed the second victim, modeling yellow M&M's as a pine freshener in cars). In one lead, the second victim contained bovine blood, which was linked to a meat packing plant. When Olivia arrived, she learned someone came to them wanting to buy some plastic wrapping. The manager was able to give a description of the man who purchased it; "The Artist". After the boy lead Dunham with another clue; the location "York/Glenway", the FBI placed a roadblock in that intersection to inspect any passing vehicles. In one incident, Dunham found the van "The Artist" was driving; he was carrying his would-be third victim. Knowing he was discovered to be the killer, he attempted to flee the scene. During the foot chase, he disarmed Dunham. During the fight, he tried to kill Dunham with a knife, but she was able to fight him off and stabbed him in the torso, killing him. ("Inner Child")

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