Shapeshifters are inorganic, human hybrids from the Alternate Universe. Also known as the First Wave, the shapeshifters were created with the aid of William Bell to infiltrate the Prime Universe and lay the groundwork for a full-scale invasion that would result in the destruction of the Prime Universe in favor of saving the Alternate Universe from complete destruction. The Alternate Universe, believing that Walter's initial actions in 1985 that caused devastating destruction were the first actions in a coming war that would see one of the universes completely destroyed, deployed the shapeshifters to ensure that it was their universe that survived.


Shapeshifters, in their very first state, resemble humanoid monsters with mucus covered skin, partially exposed ribs, and misshapen heads. Their blood is made up of 50% mercury, causing their blood to take on a silvery-gray color. Shapeshifters have unusually high stamina and can perform seemingly impossible feats, such as jumping from and to incredible heights, as well as enduring several gunshot wounds. 



Shapeshifters are sent to the Prime Universe in embryos that glow. Each embryo is provided with a shapeshifting device that allows the shapeshifters to take on the identity of anyone. Once the shapeshifters hatch, they find victims to kill. They then insert one end of their device into the soft palate of their victim, which leaves behind a signature three-hole pattern. They also insert the other end into their own mouth. Flipping a switch allows the shifter to take on the likeness of their victim. This technology allows the shapeshifters to be anyone at anytime, making it nearly impossible to identify them. They receive orders via a typewriter located in the back of a typewriter shop in Manhattan that is quantum entangled with another similar typewriter in the Alternate Universe.

Known ShapeshiftersEdit


The First Wave of shapeshifters were used in the Original Timeline. After David Robert Jones crossed over the Other Side in the Alternate Timeline however, he and William Bell began working on a new species of shapeshifter, Human Shapeshifters .

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