Sally Clark is a former cortexiphan test subject shown to be close to Nick Lane and James Heath.

Original TimelineEdit

Clark was born on April 12th 1983 in Boston, MA. ("Worlds Apart")

Sally Clark was a cortexiphan test subject shown to be close to Nick Lane and James Heath. Years after the testing that took place in Jackson, Florida, Clark learned to control her pyrokinetic ability in a Massive Dynamic facility, along with Nick and James. She accompanied Nick, James, Walter Bishop, and Olivia Dunham to retrieve Peter Bishop from the other side.


Sally Clark using pyrokinesis

But when James died, Nick was too weak to move and she began to suffer from an unexplained degradation, she made the decision to self-immolate, consuming herself and Nick, her love, in flames, along with other-side Fringe Division troops and Lincoln Lee (Alternate Universe) (though he made it out of the accident alive, albeit with severe burns from which it would take him weeks to recover). She is presumed dead. ("Over There: Part 2")

Alternate TimelineEdit


Clark in the Alternate timeline.

As Peter Bishop never existed, Sally Clark never accompanied Nick, James, Walter Bishop and Olivia Dunham to retrieve him from the other side, ultimately sparing her life in the new timeline. ("Over There: Part 2") Instead, she is found by David Robert Jones, who tasks her with creating earthquakes. She believed this to be saving her universe by destroying the other, but Jones' true intention was to collapse both universes. She is last seen in Sydney, Australia. ("Worlds Apart")
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