The SS Talos is a cargo freighter owned by William Bell. Bell stored a variety of different species that were intended to populate his new universe on this ship. 



William Bell intended to create a new universe as a part of his Neogenesis plot. He stored all of the creatures he wanted to populate this world on the SS Talos, making it the equivalent of the Biblical Noah's Ark. 


The SS Talos left Boston Harbor and travelled for six hours before falling off radar. It reached the "eye of the storm," the place where the two universes were colliding and the only area that would survive their implosion, which was located eighty-four miles east of Nantucket. 


William Bell discovered Walter and Astrid at his waterfront warehouse where the different creatures were being stored. Astrid was shot and Walter was taken aboard the Talos. It was here that Bell detailed his Neogenesis scheme and showed Walter images of the universe he had been working on. The boat sailed into the eye of the storm, where it slowly slipped from the Prime Universe into the Alternate Universe. A helicopter holding Olivia, Peter, and Nina was dispatched from the Prime Universe and sent to the coordinates that the Talos was reportedly at, but the ship was nowhere to be found. Peter, however, could see it because he originated from the Alternate Universe and Olivia was able to reach it due to the Cortexiphan pumping through her system. Once aboard the ship, Olivia was shot and killed by Walter, which immediately put an end to the Neogenesis plot and stopped the universes from colliding. The Talos was once again located strictly in the Prime Universe. After Bell escaped the ship, Olivia was revived.


The biological materials found on the ark were cryogenically quarantined for future study and Congress granted Fringe Division full access if they so desired. Despite full international cooperation, William Bell was unable to be located.