Phillip Broyles is a Special Agent-in-Charge with the Department of Homeland Security. He leads the Fringe Division, a multi-agency task force with an overt mission of identifying, investigating and solving the expanding number of science-related crimes witnessed over the past few years.


Background informationEdit

Phillip was married to Diane Broyles until he became obsessed with the case of Aleks Vasiliev and they divorced. They had two children. ("Earthling")

Season 1Edit

Besides leading Fringe Division, Broyles is also a member, and perhaps leads, the Oversight Committee, a group involved in the highly classified investigation of The Pattern. He selected the members of the Science Team to assist in this endeavor. Initially somewhat reluctant to share information with Olivia Dunham, Broyles has been impressed with the results of her work and has come to trust her abilities, even to the point of considering her a superstar according to Sanford Harris.

Broyles appears to maintain a close business relationship with Nina Sharp, a member of the Oversight Committee and Chief Operating Officer of Massive Dynamic, but the nature of this relationship is unclear. Broyles hands-over to her a high-tech micro-disk recovered during the investigation, telling her "I'm sure you can understand why I don't want to go through channels." ("Safe")

Later, Broyles confronts her, practically accusing her of being behind Olivia's abduction. ("Bound")

Clearance Level Edit

Phillip Broyles has a Clearance Level of level 4 concerning incidents related to The Pattern. He has knowledge of several Pattern related incidents which have been discovered by the US Department of Homeland Security. He intentionally withholds information from Olivia Dunham because "her determination to find the answers" is what makes her a good agent.

Alternate Edit

Phillip Broyles (Alternate Universe) was also the leader of Fringe division.

Phillip Broyles.

Trivia Edit

  • Broyle's office number is 4290
  • 4290 is apparently a reference to H.R. 4290 which is a Homeland Security Advancement Act which gives Homeland Security the right to do "Advanced" and "prototype" Research.
  • Lance Reddick also plays the mysterious Matthew Abaddon in another one of J. J. Abrams' shows, LOST.
  • Reddick also played Lt. Cedric Daniels in the HBO Baltimore-based police drama The Wire.

Quotes Edit

"Someone out there's experimenting, only using the whole world as their lab."

- Broyles (Pilot)

"Why are shape-shifting soldiers from another universe stealing frozen heads?"

- Broyles (Momentum Deferred)

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