Olivia's Stepfather who was named Randall and nicknamed Randy was an abusive man who corrupted Olivia's childhood. He was married to Marilyn Dunham and was also the stepfather to Rachel, Olivia's younger sister. Rachel, however, was too young to experience this.

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Olivia mentions to Peter that she had a stepfather, who abused her mother after he accused her of cheating on him with other men. She says her mother lived with the abuse and never called the police. When Olivia was nine, he gave Marilyn a harsh beating and Olivia shot him. She hesitated to pull the trigger again, and then he left sometime after leaving the hospital. Olivia tells Peter that he sends her a card every year on her birthday to remind her that he is still out there and that she has not seen him since. ("The Cure")

In 1985, four years before he left the Dunham household after being shot by Olivia, his abusive tactics were shown. He became physically violent when Olivia did not obey his every command, such as going to bed. Olivia tried to run away from him in one instance, but he managed to get her.

A young Olivia Dunham confided in Peter Bishop about her stepfather's abusive behavior. The two shared a connection, that led Olivia to be willing to open up to others about the abuse she faced.

Olivia then revealed the truth about her stepfather to "Dr. Walter". Walter Bishop spoke to her stepfather when he arrived to take Olivia home from the daycare facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Walter said that Oliva was special to him and if anything happens to her Walter would call social services and use his connections to put him away. ("Subject 13")

He appeared in Olivia's mind with many other people and when Walter, William Bell and Peter Bishop arrived he and the other inhabitants wanted to stop them he was present in a recreation of the inside of Olivia's house and when a child Olivia goes with bell and Peter he and several military personnel pursue resulting in Peter sacrificing himself for Olivia which results in Olivia standing up and stopping his and the military's advance. ("Lysergic Acid Diethylamide") 

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Due to the nature of Peter Bishop's erasure from existence, Olivia never opened up to anybody about the abusive behavior of her stepfather, and became cold and uncompromising. The incident where Marilyn's abuse became too much for Olivia was a turning point. In this timeline, Olivia did not hesitate to shoot her stepfather again, and he died from the gunshot wounds. Olivia revealed this information to her counterpart from the Alternate Universe, who began to recognize Olivia's harsh past. ("One Night in October")

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