Nina Sharp (Alternate Universe) is a woman who works with David Robert Jones and has been drugging Olivia Dunham with Cortexiphan in the Prime Universe, posing as her counterpart.

Alternate TimelineEdit

Background informationEdit

Not much is known about Nina's past. She has only been shown in the Alternate Timeline. Massive Dynamic didn't exist in the Alternate Universe and William Bell died at a young age. She still has a robotic arm, but it is not known how she came to acquire it.

Season 4Edit

At some point David Robert Jones sent Nina to the Prime Universe to pose as her doppelganger in order to break into the Massive Dynamic storage rooms. Working with a team dispatched by Jones, Nina gassed Olivia's apartment and injected her with the Cortexiphan taken from Massive Dynamic. ("Wallflower") She continued her ruse to extract information from Olivia Dunham. Olivia was kidnapped by Jones and left in a room with Sharp. Jones's men pretended to torture Nina to elicit Olivia's cooperation. Nina discovered that Peter Bishop would evoke the necessary emotional response from Olivia that would enable her to use her abilities. After she got the information she needed from Olivia, Nina feigned illness and was removed from the room. She shared this information with Jones, who obtained Peter. Using her abilities, Olivia was able to free herself and Peter, causing electrical shortages throughout the facility. Jones and Nina escaped through a portal and returned to the Alternate Universe. ("The End of All Things")

She is later captured by the alternate Fringe Division, when a shapeshifter assists in catching her. ("Everything In Its Right Place") She is under the belief that Jones will return for her, but he never does. She gives away the fact that Alternate Broyles is indeed a mole for Jones and that leads to him being captured. ("The Consultant")


  • Blair Brown, the actress who plays both Ninas, coined the nickname "Meana" for her character.
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