Nick Lane was Olivia Dunham's partner during the experiments conducted in Jacksonville, Florida. He was treated with Cortexiphan by Walter Bishop and William Bell.

As an adult, he suffered from Hyperaffective Disorder and contagious suicidal ideation.



Lane was born in Cambridge Massachusetts on December 10, 1979, which is stated by Peter Bishop and shown in written paper ("Bad Dreams") He lived in Jacksonville, Florida as a child.

Season One[]

A patient at Saint Jude's Mental Hospital, he checks himself out when informed that he has inherited money. He believes he was recruited as a child for top-secret experiments that would prepare him to be a soldier in a coming war.

His psychic bond with Olivia Dunham allows him to project his criminal and sexual acts into her mind as he is committing them. He is able to transmit his emotions to those around him, causing suicides among others due to his dark mood. He is placed in an indefinite coma by the FBI. ("Bad Dreams")

Season Two[]


Nick Lane


Nick lane dies.

He has been awakened from his coma, along with two other formerly comatose Cortexiphan kids, is living in a facility where he is being taught to control his abilities. He is in a romantic relationship with Sally Clark. She has pyrokinetic abilities like Nancy Lewis and Susan Pratt. The three agree to help Walter and Olivia cross over to the other universe in order to rescue Peter and stop the doomsday device. Later, when the alternate Fringe division is closing in on the group, Nick is shot protecting his girlfriend, who has been experiencing severe side effects from crossing over. As both are on the edge of death, she chooses to use her pyrokinetic ability to detonate herself, effectively killing herself and Nick and causing massive burns to Lincoln Lee (Alternate Universe), the leader of the alternate Fringe team. ("Over There: Part 2")

Season Three[]

Lane appears as a young child in the Cortexiphan trials with Olivia. ("Subject 13")

Season Four[]


Nick Lane is captured.

In the alternate timeline without Peter, Nick Lane was never taught to control his abilities by the FBI. Instead, David Robert Jones found him and trained him to be his operative. As a result, he is still alive and being manipulated by Jones to set into motion his endgame: collapsing both universes.

Lane states that his empathic abilities caused him to inadvertently project his suicidal thoughts onto his sister, leading to her taking her own life. ("Worlds Apart")


  • "Worlds Apart" has a continuity error, showing a different date of birth (October 19th 1981) from the previous one stated in-dialogue.