Next Episode Clues are hints to the content of the next episode. They are embedded in each episode of Fringe and function as a little easter egg to attentive fans.

Picture Episode Description
NextEpisodeClue 101
Pilot The pen and the rose pictured on the newspaper signify the perpetrator of the following episode's crimes, Claus Penrose.
NextEpisodeClue 102
The Same Old Story The sticker on the street sign is Latin for "See Voices." This hints at Roy McComb's ability to hear voices in the following episode.
NextEpisodeClue 103
The Ghost Network An icon of The Beacon can be seen on a sign in the train station. Also, Walter mentions that the victims on the bus are 'trapped, like flies in amber.', possibly foreshadowing the Fringe team being frozen in amber.
NextEpisodeClue 104
The Arrival A flyer similar to the one Joseph Meegar saw that encouraged him to "unlock his hidden potential" is seen posted on the telephone pole near the diner.
Power Hungry

The INtREPUS coffee mug alludes to the criminal activities of the organization that would feature predominantly in the subsequent episode.

The Cure

The thermometer used by Walter has the initials ZFT, which allude to David Robert Jones's terrorist organization.

In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

"A Christmas Carol" alludes to the way Walter remembers the Green, Green, Green, Red lights that are part of the Fringe event of the next episode.

The Equation

The butterfly on the trashcan hints at The Pattern event for the next episode: a man dying from what he believes are butterflies.

The Dreamscape

As Olivia pursues a suspect, a van rushes by with this symbol on it. In the following episode, the criminals use a van with this very symbol on it.


The poster for "The Colds" foreshadows that the Fringe event for the next episode involves super-sized cold cells.


The book "What's That Noise?" parallels the pop-up that melts peoples' brains in the next episode.

The No-Brainer

The lease for the car is $718.00 The flight that crashes in the next episode if Flight 718.

The Transformation

The sign in the motel has the letters ZFT on it, foreshadowing the resurgence of ZFT in the show's plot.


The air freshener above the newspaper stand is the same one that The Artist has in his car. It is also instrumental in catching him.

Inner Child

The creature hints at the fact that the next episode deals with mutated animals/monsters.


The keg is labelled "Red Balloon Lager." This foreshadows the red balloon found at the crime scene in the next episode.

Bad Dreams

The Night Stalker energy drink advertised foreshadows how Valerie Boone stalks her prey in the night.


The ticker at the bottom of the screen informs viewers of a mysterious fire, hinting at the subject matter of the next episode: spontaneous combustion.

The Road Not Taken

Graffiti in the Alternate Universe claims "HE IS HERE." This hints at the fact that William Bell is not in the Prime Universe, but in the Alternate Universe.

There's More Than One of Everything

The skull and crossbones on the TV monitor in the FBI Building hints at the emergence of the shapeshifters in the next season.