Dr. Nadim Patel worked at Patel Health Care and was associated with Claire Williams, Emily Kramer and the treatment of the Bellini's Lymphocemia they suffer. Patel treated a group of Bellini's sufferers, an allegedly irreversible auto-immune disease that destroys muscles and organs. According to him, the victims in The Cure had the disease driven into remission - without using any sort of radiation therapy.

Patel was interviewed by Agent Olivia Dunham after Emily Kramer's head exploded in a bizarre biological occurrence. He retrieved Kramer's records for Dunham once he learned of Kramer's death.

Patel was identified by Ken Williams as successfully treating his missing wife, Claire Williams, and other Bellini's sufferers.

Patel indicated that the drug company INtREPUS and David Esterbrook were behind the controversial Bellini's treatment, moments before he committed suicide with a pistol.

Agent Dunham cornered Esterbrook at an aid forum and informed him about Patel's death. She later lamented about the state of the world... where someone like Patel, 'someone we trust to take care of us' - could act as he did. ("The Cure")

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