Officer Marty Pitts was a police officer in Milford, Massachusetts. Officer Pitts responded to a late night call from Holly's Diner, to assist a disoriented young woman - Emily Kramer. Pitts had been at Thurber’s before arriving at the diner to assess Kramer. Pitts, who lives in the Milford area, ordered a soda while questioning Kramer. He determined that Kramer had been drugged, and attempted to take her into protective custody as a '51-50'. He radioed to make sure that Hannah was available to assist Kramer. When Kramer became agitated during handcuffing and started injuring people in the diner, Pitts called for an immediate ambulance response. Officer Pitts died in the diner, along with the staff and the patrons, from Kramer's excessive radio-activity. ("The Cure")

Quotes Edit

"What the hell is this?!"

- Officer Pitts (The Cure)