Loraine Daisy Alcott is a victim of Christopher Penrose. Loraine has a one night stand with Christopher Penrose, who, unknown to her, is a serial killer and rapidly aging clone that intends to kill her for her pituitary gland, which controls aging. He goes to the bathroom and prepares medical tools to remove her pituitary gland. She attempts to speak with him, asking if had a girlfriend or was married. She goes on to say her name was not Amber, obviously, and was really Loraine Daisy Alcott. She complains about her name, and after a few moments of silence, begins gasping.

He notices and sees her get out of the bed and fall, knocking down the lamp. He goes over to her and asks wrong. As she says she doesn't know, her stomach starts moving. He says he'll be back in a minute, and hides his tools as she exits the motel room sobbing in pain. She falls down onto his car tire seizing her stomach and screaming in agony. As Christopher helps her up, a neighbor asks if they need a lift to the hospital. Christopher says he'll take her, and helps her into the car as her abdomen begins to swell.

As he drives her there, her stomach continues to grow and undulate as she screams and asks what's happening to her. They finally get to the hospital and she stops screaming and her stomach stops growing, but is now massive. He helps her to the curb, but drives away.

The doctors find her at 12:18. They wheel her to the emergency room asking how she got there and how many months pregnant she was. She replies she in not pregnant. In the operating room, she begins screaming in agony again, as nurse says there's no time for anesthetic, they'll have to restrain her, and they have to cut the baby out now, and her VP is 16 and her pulse is thready.

She lets out one final scream as a popping and splooshing sound is heard. She convulses and there is a horrible tearing sound. She dies at 12:22. The doctor gives her a caeserian section and after some struggling, pulls out the baby boy at 12:24. The baby ages eighty years and dies in three hours. ("The Same Old Story")


  • Her first name was spelled wrong on her birth certificate.