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Lincoln Tyrone Lee is an FBI agent In both timelines, Lincoln meets Fringe Division, at first reluctant to understand or even accept the impossible events he was witnessing. After a while, however, he became more accepting of them, even embracing them. Lincoln is currently a member of Fringe Division and residing in the Alternate Universe.


Lee is an FBI agent from Hartford, Connecticut.

As a child, he lived in Teaneck, New Jersey until the death of his mother, after which his father moved the family to Philadelphia. There, his father started a business named Lee's Hardware, while Lee attended Hamilton High School there. In his senior year, he mostly neglected school in order to work at his father's store, eventually graduating high school with a graduating GPA of 3.85. Up until at least that point, his life was virtually the exact same as that of his counterpart from the alternate universe ("Everything in its Right Place").

Original Timeline[]

Broyles originally introduces him to the Fringe Division in order to consult on the case of Dana Gray, a seemingly immortal woman, whose case he had been assigned after her family was gruesomely murdered. He is at first confused by the bizarre antics of the agents and the seemingly impossible situations they investigate, but he eventually accepts it, becoming enthusiastic about the work and offering them his help whenever they need it. ("Stowaway")

Alternate Timeline[]

Lincoln never worked on the Dana Gray case or met anyone in the Fringe Division. Instead, he meets Fringe for the "first-time" after his partner is killed by a shapeshifter. After this, he became a Fringe agent, and he continued to investigate Fringe cases. ("Neither Here Nor There") Later, he develops feelings for Olivia, while Olivia is dating Peter. In an attempt to forget the sadness for a while, he decides to replace Astrid and work on a case with the Alternate Universe. There, he meets his counterpart, who dies after working that case. When Fringe Division realized that it was necessary to shut down The Bridge and separate both universes, Lincoln decides to stay on the Other Side and be with Fauxlivia, asking her to help him find an apartment.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Seth Gabel was upgraded to a main cast member of the series at the start of the fourth season.
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