Lincoln Tyrone Lee was a member of Fringe Division in the Alternate Universe, working with agents Olivia Dunham and Charlie Francis.


As a child, he lived in Teaneck, New Jersey until the death of his mother, after which his father moved the family to Philadelphia. There, his father started a business named Lee's Hardware, while Lee attended Hamilton High School there. In his senior year he mostly neglected school in order to work at his father's store, eventually graduating high school with a graduating GPA of 3.85. Up until at least that point, his life was virtually the exact same as that of his counterpart from the main universe.

Original TimelineEdit

Season TwoEdit


Lee holding a gun.

He and the Fringe Division team respond to an event at the Manhattan theater where Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop and others crossed over. Later, he tracks them to Central Park and is severely burned by Sally Clark's Pyrokinesis. ("Over There: Part 2")

Season ThreeEdit


Lee recovering from his burns.

While recovering from the burns he sustained at the hands of Sally Clark, he assisted Charlie Francis in tracking down Olivia Dunham after she escaped from the Department of Defense facility on Liberty Island. ("Olivia")He later worked with Fringe Division investigating the case of Milo Stanfield among other cases. ("The Plateau")After Phillip Broyles (Alternate Universe) was killed he is made leader of Fringe Division. ("Immortality")

Walternate tells him of his secrets involving the other universe (our universe) and he tells Charlie Francis (Alternate Universe). He also becomes romantically involved with Fauxlivia when she gives birth to Peter's child.("Bloodline")

Alternate TimelineEdit

Season FourEdit

Due to the timeline being changed, commanding officer Broyles was never killed and Lincoln never assumed command of Fringe Division. He still worked with Olivia Dunham investigating Fringe events, until his death at the hands of one of Jones's shapeshifters, caused by Broyles giving away their location as a mole. He was replaced by his counterpart from the Prime Universe right before The Bridge was shut down. ("Everything In Its Right Place")

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