Henrietta Bishop, also known as "Etta" is the daughter of Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham. She is the second known child between the couple in all known dimensions, following Henry Dunham's birth in a previous time loop before his erasure.

In a 2036 future that will never happen, she was a secret member of the Resistance against the Observers as well as a Fringe Division agent. She served under Phillip Broyles for a time.

Adjusted Timeline[]

Background Information []

Etta during the moment of Invasion.

In early 2012, Olivia told Peter she was pregnant. (''Brave New World: Part 2") Etta was born September 15, 2012. ("An Enemy of Fate")

Etta was 3 years, 1 month and 5 days when the Observers invaded Earth in the Prime Universe. She was in the park on a picnic with her parents. A bomb detonated before the parents could get to her, and they ended up separated. Sometime after this, her parents were treated in an emergency shelter for their injuries and later frozen in amber after searching for her.

At age 13, she found the “bullet that saved the world“, the bullet that her adoptive grandfather Walter used to shoot her mother in order to foil William Bell's plan to destroy both universes. She kept it as a necklace, unaware of its meaning, but knowing it meant something important. ("The Bullet That Saved the World")

In 2031, at age 19, she met Phillip Broyles at a crime scene after she began working as a rookie agent. He recognized Olivia in her and had her transferred to his section. Etta recruited him into the Resistance and taught him how to block his thoughts from the Observers. ("The Bullet That Saved the World")

Etta began searching for her family, who she believed to be alive. Many thought she was crazy for entertaining the possibility.  She was aware that they had discovered a way to defeat the Observers, so she began to work with a man named Rick, a pimp at a club in Boston, who tracked down the Fringe team and removed a block of amber containing her grandfather, Walter. ("Letters of Transit")

Season 4[]

Etta and Simon.

Etta is contacted by Rick after he discovers the Fringe team. She meets with him at the Epicenter Club and able to prevent her mind from being read by Windmark. After their encounter, Etta and Rick go into the alley, where he opens up a truck and shows her the amber containing Walter. Rick explains to Etta that there were more people. Before he can disclose the location, Rick is shot by an unknown assailant. 

Etta and Simon Foster team up to get Walter out of the amber. When Walter was removed from the amber, they learned that his brain had been damaged. Etta and Simon took Walter to Nina Sharp to see if she could help them. She suggests that they go to the old Massive Dynamic to get a piece of Walter's brain. Etta believes injecting the healthy part of Walter's brain into his damaged part, his brain will repair itself. Her suggestion works, and he returns to lucidity. Walter takes them to the others. Simon helps recover the team but must sacrifice himself to get Peter free before the Observers capture them. Etta reluctantly ambers him.

In the subway, Etta reunites with her father Peter, who initially fails to recognize her, until he does and they hug. She also meets Astrid. ("Letters of Transit")

Season 5[]

Walter and Etta bonding.

Etta and the Fringe Team go in search for her mother, Olivia. They discover that she has been taken by "amber gypsies", people who cut and sell humans on the black market, so they go to a black market to retrieve her. They track Olivia's piece of amber they find to Edward Markham. He has kept her in amber, in love with her since they met. They retrieve Olivia, but the Observers arrive on time to capture Walter.

Etta takes the rest of the team to a hidden facility where human resistance members can analyze the device that Olivia had retrieved just before she was ambered, the Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11. With the help of two resistance members, Etta and the team rescue Walter using one of their devices to fake his death. ("Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11")

Etta's torture of Manfretti, a Loyalist they find after sneaking into the Harvard lab through steam tunnels, frightens Olivia. Etta ties him in a chair and uses Observer tech to severely age him in seconds. Etta says he doesn't deserve sympathy, stating the Observers have brought war -- and they're losing. Manfretti tells Etta that the science building contains the main power grid and the Observers use it to experiment on everything. He gives them his access code and Walter fashions a substitute for Manfretti's eye from a preserved pig's eyeball, so Peter and Etta can fool the biometric scanner.

In the science building, Etta sees a lab where Simon Foster's apparently still functioning head is attached to a machine. She pulls her gun but Peter stops her. He promises that one day the Observers will pay for what they've done but not now. They reroute power to Walter's lab and return.

After Etta returns, she informs Olivia that she will turn Manfretti into the resistance, Olivia worries that the man will die so she tells Etta that the reason he is a Loyalist is that he has a son who he wants to protect from the Observers. Etta doesn't believe the story, telling Olivia that it's a lie, and leaves. At an unknown location, Etta is about to kill the Loyalist, who confesses that he doesn't have a son, that Etta was right, and that he is a coward. Etta lets him go and he vows to her that he will join the resistance because Olivia made him feel for the first time that they could win. Etta calls Olivia using her comm device and shows Olivia Manfretti walking away. ("In Absentia")

The team next venture to Pennsylvania to retrieve a piece of Walter's Plan. Throughout their journeys together, Olivia, Peter, and Henrietta bond and begin to reconstruct the relationship that they lost almost 20 years ago. One such instance involved Etta showing Olivia the bullet she wore on her necklace for many years. Olivia explained that Peter had called it the Bullet That Saved the World. Olivia allows Etta to hold onto it.

After recovering a piece of the plan, Etta calls upon Phillip Broyles. The team is ambushed by Observers and Broyles flees, protecting the plan with him. Meanwhile, the Bishops are run into an abandoned warehouse. Henrietta is corned by Captain Windmark. In what was barely a fight, the much quicker and stronger Windmark pins Etta against the wall and begins to try to read her mind. Etta, who was trained to prevent such an act, allows Windmark to gain access to the memory of her visit to the park on that day in 2015 when the Observers invaded. Windmark finally understands the concept of love that has been driving the family to defeat the Observers. Windmark scoffs at the thought of the Resistance never knowing when to give up and shoots her.

Etta dying.

Etta slumps the ground and begins to bleed out as he leaves. The other Bishops hear the gunshot and are able to track Etta down. Knowing she is dying, Etta makes one final sacrifice and sets an anti-matter bomb. Before her mother could leave, however, Etta returns the Bullet That Saved the World. When the Observers return to the warehouse, it detonates, although Captain Windmark escapes. ("The Bullet That Saved the World")


Etta's death gave Peter, Olivia, and Walter even more incentive to defeat the Observers. Walter and Olivia began working out the next steps of the plan. Walter explained to Olivia that Etta's death, and the pain it brought, were proof that she was here. It was her legacy to Peter and Olivia. Peter, on the other hand, went rogue. His grief drove him to implant the Observer technology into his own head. He began running plans to avenge Etta's death and murder Captain Windmark. Olivia began to bear enormous grief and lost faith. It wasn't until she met Simone that her faith was restored. It was here that she understood that Etta's spirit was still left behind and lived on within Peter and Olivia.

Resistance began mass producing posters with Etta's face on it.

Resistance began mass-producing posters with Etta's face on it. When Olivia found out about Peter becoming an Observer, she was able to convince him to remove the technology, explaining that there were better ways to defeat the Observers. She wanted him to let Etta and their love for her give them strength because it was the only thing the Observers did not have. When Peter removed the tech, he handed it to Olivia, who took it from his hand and instead replaced it with Etta's necklace that contained the Bullet That Saved the World. Meanwhile, the Resistance began mass-producing posters with Etta's face on it with bright red lettering spelling out "Resist." Etta became the face of the Resistance and the motivation behind defeating the Observers for the remaining Bishops.

Final Timeline[]

After the final reset, Etta is alive. It returns to October 19, 2015, at the moment of the picnic where the Invasion occurs, that never happens.

Etta with Peter in the final timeline.

Olivia says that it is time to go home and take a bath, which is not an easy task. Peter calls Etta to come home and she runs into his arms.


  • She is the female equivalent of Henry Dunham, the son of Peter and Fauxlivia, who was never meant to be born and was consequently erased from existence by the Observers.
  • While never officially stated in the series, she is named after Henry Arliss Higgins, a taxi driver who helped Olivia escape in the Alternate Universe in the Original Timeline.
  • Despite not have been treated with Cortexiphan and not having mental abilities like her mother, Etta found a way to block her thoughts from the Observers' telepathic powers. It is implied Broyles trained her to do this.
  • Etta herself acts as the bullet that saved the world, much like the bullet she carries. She is shot and killed, and her death gives the others more drive to erase the 2036 Observer future.