"So much... So much happened here.
And so much is about to."
- Walter Bishop

The Harvard Laboratory is situated in the basement of a building in Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was the site of Dr. Walter Bishop's Fringe science experiments during the 1970s and 1980s. The laboratory was also shared by William Bell. It is unknown whether the lab was built specifically for Bell and Bishop or whether it existed before. In the early 1990s the lab was shut down after Bishop was institutionalized following the death of one of his assistants.


In 2008, at the request of Olivia Dunham, the FBI reopened the lab so Bishop could study and find a cure to John Scott's cellular decay. Later the lab was used for a Synaptic Transfer between Dunham and Scott. There are still notes attached to various pieces of equipment in the lab: attached to the lighting box is a note which says "Turn off the lights".


The lab is equipped with various devices used for scientific research; some were present before the reopening of the lab, and some were supplied by the FBI at the request of Dr Bishop. One of the most prominent pieces of equipment is a large metal tank, which is used to immerse Olivia in water during the Synaptic Transfer. The tank also bears a note which says "Watch your hands, heavy doors! Save your fingers, close with care."

Equipment added after the lab was reopened includes:

  • A standard FBI forensics work package
  • An optical coherence holograph (for flesh study)
  • 2,000lbs of silicon
  • At least five anonymous blood samples from varying donors
  • A NASA-grade micro-organism detector
  • A two-year-old cow.