Green, Green, Green, Red is a colored pattern on Fringe. While most commonly shown in the form of colored circles, the pattern has also been shown in other forms, like flashing lights. They are a recurring motif on the show and could be seen throughout the series, including its final hours. With the exception of "The Equation," the Green, Green, Green, Red pattern (commonly referred to as GGGR or the GGGR Pattern) is never specifically referenced in the show. Its common recurrence is simply an easter egg and does not have any particular significance.

Hypnotic Effect Edit


Walter's light box

The Green, Green, Green, Red pattern came to the attention of Fringe Division during their early Pattern investigations. Joanne Ostler used the combination of flashing Green, Green, Green, Red lights to put Jeremy Stockton into a hypnotic trance, allowing for her to kidnap his son, Ben. During further study, Walter determined that in this condition, people can respond to commands but have no knowledge of said actions or the passing of time. This continues until they are "awakened" with a simple touch. While in pursuit of Ben, Olivia was also a victim of the hypnotic effect of the colors. ("The Equation")

Connection With the ObserversEdit

There are several instances of the Observers using this pattern in their technology. It can be seen inside September's binoculars, on a device used to control or signal the hitman Donald Long, on the cap of a man who was chasing after the beacon in The Arrival, and in Donald's apartment in Season 5. It is not clear why this pattern is so important to the Observers, or a least to the science team, but it nevertheless saturates the areas related to them.

Selected List of Appearances Edit

  • While immersed in the Sensory Deprivation Tank in order to contact John Scott, Olivia sees her uncle's kayak, whick has the GGGR pattern on it. 
  • The inside of September's binoculars displays the GGGR pattern near the bottom of the screen.
  • John Mosley wears the GGGR pattern on his cap.
  • Red and green Christmas Lights can be seen hanging haphazardly next to the workstation of Brian Dempsey. 
  • August's communication device prominently displays the sequence.
  • The amber dispersal device in 6B uses the sequence.
  • The bomb in Donald's apartment flashes the sequence.
  • In the "Unearthed" episode in the hospital room after the teen girl comes back to life the balloons are GGR.
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