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Fringe Science, also known as Pseudoscience, describes scientific practices which are associated with the paranormal. These practices are often considered to be dangerous, impractical, impossible or unethical. In the 1970s, Walter Bishop and William Bell worked in a government-funded laboratory and conducted experiments in the field of Fringe Science.

Olivia Dunham states that Walter's practices included but were not limited to "Mind Control", Teleportation, Astral Projection, Invisibility, Genetic Mutation and Reanimation". The show's opening titles also show the floating words "Psychokinesis", "Precognition", "Artificial Intelligence", "Transmogrification", "Dark Matter" and "Nanotechnology" among other less legible words and phrases. In the show's Pilot episode, Olivia takes part in a Synaptic Transfer with fellow FBI agent John Scott.

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