The Fringe Division is an organization heavily featured in Fringe. There are two very different versions of the Division as seen in the two parallel universes.

Prime Universe[]

The Fringe Division is part of a multi-agency task force under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security, headquartered in the Boston Federal Building in Boston. The Division, staffed by at least two dozen, mostly FBI agents, is led by Colonel Phillip Broyles. It is tasked with the mission of investigating a growing number of science-related crimes and the identification, investigation, and research of the bizarre scientific phenomena collectively known as the Pattern through the application of fringe science. It is unclear whether "Fringe Division" is the unit's official designation or just a widely-used nickname. The Science Team is attached to this Division.

FBI Agent Charlie Francis plays an important role in the command structure of the Division and after Olivia's abduction, Broyles informs his staff that Francis is second-in-command.

In the Observer -controlled future, Fringe Division was reformed into an agency tasked with policing the natives. Phillip Broyles stayed on as leader.

Alternate Universe[]

In the other world, the Fringe Division has been described as a special adjunct branch of the Department of Defense. It's primary focus are natural and environmental disasters that began in 1985 with the Zero Event at Reiden Lake. Those natural disasters are holes in the fabric of the universe. Its personnel contain these reality breaches using amber quarantines, as well as investigating bizarre crimes through the application of fringe science. Far, far more well-funded than our version, this Division has dozens of investigative agents, access to leading edge technology, and a small army of specialized soldiers. In addition, due to its nature as a defender of the universe against breaches in reality, it is well-known enough to the public that agents can identify themselves merely by flashing a badge and namedropping Fringe Division, in the manner of an FBI agent in our universe.