Ella Blake is the daughter of Olivia Dunham's sister, Rachel and Greg Blake. Rachel considers Ella to be more like Olivia than herself.

In the 2026 future (the future to the original timeline before it is rewritten), she works as a rookie Fringe Agent at 22 years old known as Ella Dunham, presumably due to her parents' deaths.

Original Timeline[]

Season One[]

Rachel and Ella come to stay with Olivia temporarily until Rachel finds herself a new home after suffering from marital issues with her husband, Greg. Ella is nearly a victim of the brain-melting computer virus, though creator Brian Dempsey turned off the program when he saw, through the computer's webcam, that the would-be victim was an innocent little girl. ("The No-Brainer")

Season Two[]

Olivia takes her to an amusement park and convinces Olivia to take her on a roller coaster. ("August")

Later, as Ella comes to visit Olivia again after her mother runs an errand in Chicago, Walter Bishop tells her a detective story to keep her entertained while her mother was out of town and Olivia was off chasing leads to track down the missing Peter Bishop. ("Brown Betty")

Season Three[]

As Olivia is trapped in the alternate universe under the belief that she is her doppelgänger, she manages to cross over and contact Ella on her 7th birthday. It is revealed both Ella and Rachel returned to Chicago where her husband took a new job (implying Rachel and Greg have at least tried to reconcile off-screen). Ella is excited, knowing she would not forget her birthday but their contact is cut off once Olivia is pulled back over to the other side. (''Amber 31422")

Ella in 2026.

In the future of 2026 of the original timeline (a future that will never happen due to Peter's efforts to create a bridge between universes to work together), Ella is a new Fringe agent under her commander Olivia Dunham. She is referred to as "Agent Dunham", implying that her parents have since died, as there is no sign of either of them, especially after Olivia's death and funeral. Prior to Olivia's death, Ella seems to have been taken care of by her. Ella tells Walter that she seems to remember very little "before it got bad" and Walter tells her that he is very sorry for her loss.

Peter implies to Olivia and Walter before he fades out of existence that she was one of the First People who sent the machine back in time to create a paradox. (The Day We Died)

Alternate Timeline[]

In the new timeline, Ella is never seen again. Olivia learns that Rachel and Greg remain happily married and that Ella even has a younger brother, Eddie, named after Olivia and Rachel's grandfather.

By the end of the series, Ella is 12 years old.

Alternate Universe[]

Ella is deceased in the alternate universe, as she and her mother never survived childbirth, as both of their hearts gave out.