Astrid Farnsworth is a Fringe Division agent in the Alternate Universe. She specializes as a technical support analyst at the Manhatan Fringe Division Headquarters.

Her odd social behavior and unusually high proficiency with mathematics in general (and probability in particular) indicate that she has Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism, which she believes could be the cause of the tension between her and her father.

She crossed over to the prime universe in order to meet her alternate after hearing so much about her. While there, she assisted in a case using her advanced abilities.

Background Information[]

Astrid is the daughter of Stephen Farnsworth. Her mother died of cancer when she was a child.

Seasons 2-4[]

  • In Over There, Part 1, she makes a time-critical risk assessment and recommends to Colonel Broyles not to quarantine the Orpheum Opera House in Brooklyn
  • In Olivia, she calculates the probability of actions Olivia would take as Olivia attempts to evade recapture
  • In The Plateau, she is unable to provide statistical information on the two crime scenes nor predict the next move of Milo
  • In Amber 31422, she inadvertently helps Olivia focus on the precise location that the Rose brothers will initiate a new Amber quarantine response
  • In The Abducted, she briefs the Fringe Team on the seemingly random abductions occurring every two years
  • In Entrada, she alerts the Fringe Team to Colonel Broyles unexpected disappearance and failure to report to work, or spouse
  • In Immortality, she suggests to send out a Fringe alert to the public with regards to the skelter beetles
  • In Bloodline, she creates a database with everyone who has access to Top Secret tracking protocol, then detects an anomaly in the traffic pattern near Olivia's residence. That leads to a commercial vehicle that has passed by six times in the last week
  • In One Night In October, she attempts to calculate where exactly Professor McClennan is heading to intercept his counterpart in her universe
  • In Back To Where You've Never Been, she detects, then isolates the location of Peter and Agent Lee, following their arrival on her universe. Later, she pinpoints the location of the call Agent Murphy received just before he attempted to assassinate Peter and Lee
  • In Enemy Of My Enemy, she becomes fascinated with Peter and works with him to locate David Jones and the Amphilicite ore Jones seeks
  • In Making Angels, she crosses over to this universe to meet her counterpart and helps solve a complicated case in the process
  • In Everything In Its Right Place, she locates the vigilante shapeshifter and directs Division assets to recover it
  • In The Consultant, she coordinates with Astrid on Liberty Island as the science teams execute identical investigations in each universe
  • In Worlds Apart, she identifies, isolates and briefs her tactical team on the major earthquake activity occurring simultaneously around her planet
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